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Circular Regarding- Departmental Training Programme for

Assistant Professors From 06 March 2017

Order Regarding - Full Additional Charge of Additional Director of Collegiate Education
Report SC/ST members in the office in the prescribed format
Circular Regarding- Capacity Building Training

Circular Regarding- Part Time to Full time Appointment Order

for Sweeper in Thiruvanathapuram District

Circular Regarding- Last Date for Study Tour
Circular Regarding- General Transfer 2017-18-Teaching Staff
Circular Regarding- Appointment Order for Cook in Palakkad District
Circular Regarding- Healthy Paradiso Skit
Circular Regarding- Residential Training Programme 2016-17 for Assistant Proffesors
Circular Regarding- Maternity Leave for FDP Substitute
Circular Regarding- Residential Training Programme 2016-17 for Principals/Associate Professor
Circular Regarding- Persons with Disabilities Act 1995
Circular Regarding- Capacity Building
Circular Regarding- WWS New Initiative
Circular Regarding- Residential Training Programme 2016-17 for Principal/Associate Professor
Circular Regarding- Guidelines for Implement Malayalam as Official language
Circular Regarding- Accident Relief Fund
Circular Regarding- Govt Training College Hostel Thalassery-Re Shifting
Circular Regarding- Anti Drug Mission
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Economics Professors
Circular Regarding- National Day for Voters
Circular Regarding- General Transfer 2017-Non Teaching Staff
Circular Regarding- Republic Day Celebration
Circular Regarding- Martyrs Day
Circular Regarding- PWD Pending Works for Govt Colleges and Hostels
Circular Regarding- Capacity Building
Circular regarding- Guidelines for Study Tour/Excursion for Aided Colleges
Circular regarding- F I P
Circular Regarding- Principals Meeting
Circular regarding- Wearing Name badge/Name board for identifying Govt Employees on duty
Circular Regarding- Principal Promotion DPC 2017 Confidential Report
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of History Professor
Circular Regarding- Fifth UGC Scheme-CAS-Placement as Senior Scale/Selection Grade-Govt College teachers
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Psychology Professor
Circular Regarding- Residential Training Programme 2016-17 for Principal/Associate Professor-Amended
Circular Regarding- Representation of SC/ST Employees in public Service
Circular Regarding- Residential Training Programme 2016-17 for Principal/Associate Professor
Circular Regarding- DPC 2017 Confidential Report
Circular Regarding- Instruction to Aided Colleges
Circular Regarding- Proposal for the Study Tour Programme
Circular Regarding- Non Plan- Reappropriation of Fund
Circular Regarding- Proforma for Details of Last Grade servents
Circular Regarding- Proposal for Appointment and Promotion of NTS in Aided Colleges
Circular Regarding- Payment of Sixth UGC pay revision arrears to Govt and Aided College Teachers and Teachers of Universities-4th Installment
Circular Regarding- Payment of Sixth UGC pay revision arrears-Third installment
Circular Regarding- Alpha Palliative Care-Compassionate Community Formation
Circular Regarding- Training Programme for Principal/Associate Professor
Circular Regarding- Implementation of Punching in Private Aided Colleges
Circular Regarding- DPC 2017 Confidential Report
Circular Regarding- Non Plan Expenditure
Circular Regarding- Foreign Students Online Registration
Circular Regarding- Energy Conservation Day
Circular Regarding- Work Arrangement of Clerk and Senior Clerk
Circular Regarding- UGC 3rd Installment-Directions to Govt Colleges
Circular Regarding- Placement-UGC 5th Scheme-extension to 17/09/2016
Circular Regarding- Implementation of Green Protocol
Circular Regarding-UGC 6th Scheme-Pay Revision Arrear for 3rd Installment-Instruction-reg
Circular Regarding- UGC 6th Scheme-Pay Revision Arrear for 3rd Installment
Circular Regarding- Haritha Kerala Mission-Pledge
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Sanskrit (General) Teachers
Circular Regarding- Observance of World AIDS Day
Circular Regarding- Haritha Kerala Mission
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Geography Teachers
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of English Teachers
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Physics Teachers
Circular Regarding- Additional Charge (Principal)
Circular Regarding- Transaction Regarding Old 500/1000 Rupees -Instruction Issued
Circular Regarding- Observance of Constitution Day
Circular Regarding- Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis
Minutes of the Meeting on Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
Circular Regarding- Annual Report on RTI
Circular Regarding- Participation of Govt College Teachers Orientation Course, Seminar, Short Term Course and Training Program etc.
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of English Teachers
Circular Regarding- eProcurement System
Circular Regarding- Pay Revision- Salary Arrer
Circular Regarding- Conducting of Student Parliament
Circular Regarding- Purchasing Sanitary Napkin Disposer
Circular Regarding-Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Administration
Circular Regarding- Quami Ekta Week Celebration
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Physics Teachers
Circular Regarding- Youth Welfare and Youth Affairs Report
Circular Regarding- Faculty Development
Circular Regarding- Formation of New Bhoomi Mithra Sena Club
Circular Regarding- Rashtriya Ekta Diwas
Circular Regarding- National Re-dedication Day
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Sanskrit (Nyaya) Teachers
Circular Regarding- Birds Club
Minutes of the Meeting on Unnat Bharat Abhiyan
Circular Regarding- The documents to be submitted for the regularisation of teachers
Circular Regarding- Plan Fund 2016-17 - Meeting
Circular Regarding- Category Change of Night Watchman Kozhikode
Circular Regarding- National Apprentice Promotion Scheme-Details Regarding
Circular Regarding- Distributions of Text Books in Library
Circular Regarding- DPC (Higher) 2016-17 Govt Music Colleges
Circular Regarding- Vaccancy Reporting of Clerk
Circular Regarding- Special Officer
Circular Regarding- Essay Competition 2016-17
Circular Regarding- Appointment of State Liaison Officer for NSS
Circular Regarding- F D P Substitute Rank List
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Economics Teachers
Circular Regarding- Regularisation of Sanskrit Teachers
Circular Regarding- Vacancy Reporting
Circular Regarding- Progress report of National Savings Collection
Circular Regarding- Renew of Teachers Service Details Register
Circular Regarding- Probation Declaration
Circular Regarding- PGDeG Admission for the year 2016-17
Circular Regarding- Details of Principals Requesting
Circular Regarding- Training for Ministerial Staff- Aided Colleges
Circular Regarding- Filim Shooting
Circular Regarding- Alzheimer's Day
Circular Regarding- Ratification Guest Lectures
Circular Regarding- Budget Estimate Details of Pay revision Arrear 2017-18
Circular Regarding- Appointing Nodal officer for the Web Portal of Kerala State Commision for Backward Classes
Circular Regarding- NAAC
Circular Regarding- Auction of Vehicle
Circular Regarding- Budget Speech 2016-17
Circular Regarding- Teachers Day
Circular Regarding- New Courses
Circular Regarding- Spoken Tutorial
Circular Regarding- Promotion of Principals-DPC (Higher) 2016-17
Circular Regarding- EDUSAT Class
Circular Regarding- Full Additional Chrarge of Principals
Attentions to all Hostel Wardens
Circular Regarding- 2 Unit B.Ed Cource
Circular Regarding- PWD Pending Works
Circular Regarding- Cutting Hazardous Trees
Circular Regarding- Independance Day Celebration
Service Regularisation of Teachers
Circular Regarding- Audit Enquiry
Circular Regarding- PAC 2014-16 Report
Circular Regarding- Category Change of Night Watchman Kozhikode
Career Centric Computer Training Program for Visually Challenged Students
Circular Regarding- CCTV Camera
Circular Regarding- Regularization of Commerce Teachers
Circular Regarding- Plan and Non-Plan Purchase
Proforma for Police Verification for Newly Appointed Teachers
Circular Regarding- Official Language Awards (Malayalam)
Circular Regarding- Modernisation of Edusat Class room
Circular Regarding- Construction of Play Ground Under NREGA
Selection Order for Postdoctoral Scholarship
Circular Regarding- Details of Principals
Circular Regarding- PEACE
Circular- Appointment of Gardener Regarding
Circular Regarding- Rules and Regulations of Study Tour
Circular Regarding- Daily Wages/Contract/Employment/Kudumbasree/Guest Lecture Details Regarding
Circular Regarding- ID Card
International Yoga Day
Personal Interview of Postdoctoral Scholarship Applicants
Circular Regarding- Temporary Posting on Economics Teaching Staff
International Anti-Drug Day
Circular Regarding- Quotation Notice
Circular Regarding- Probation Declaration of Principals
Circular Regarding- Daily Wages Appointment
Circular Regarding- Plan Fund Physical Acheivement
Placement to the Lectures as Senior Scale/Selection Grade-as per decision of the Screenng Committee for the Govt. Colleges Lectures held on 03/05/2016
Circular Regarding- Full Additional Charge of Principals
Circular Regarding- General Transfer
Circular Regarding- Additional Role (Deputy Directors and Principals)
Willingness for the Post of HOD Behavioural Science in Kerala Police Accadamy
Circular Regarding- ASAP
Circular Regarding- H.B.A
Circular Regarding- PSC/Other Exams-NOC/Receipt
Circular Regarding- Transfer order of Attender
Circular Regarding- Honours Degree Courses
Circular Regarding- Plan, Non-Plan, Plan Online Budget Allotment, Bill Submission
Circular Regarding- Teachers Vacant in Sanskrit (General)
Circular Regarding- Withdraw of Summer Vacation Class
Circular Regarding- Summer Vacation Class
Circular Regarding- LA Question and RTI
Circular Regarding-  Plan Fund Meeting 2016-17 on 20.05.2016
Circular Regarding- Physical Education By Transfer Appoinments
Circular Regarding- Plan Fund-Faculty Development Instruction Regarding Conduct of Seminars/Workshop
"Court Order Related to Summer Classes in Alappuzha"-in the Light of Death due to Sunburn
Circular Regarding- Rejoining of P Moitheen Kutty (HA)
Circular Regarding- Seniority Reinstate
Circular Regarding- Additional Charge of Deputy Directors and Principals
Circular Regarding- F.D.P Guest Lecture Salary
Circular Regarding- Sanctioning of Increment of Handicapped Employees Appointed in the Super Numerary Post
Circular Regarding- DPC 2015-2016
Circular Regarding- Invigilation Duty
Circular Regarding- Plan Proposal 2016-17
Circular Regarding- PSC Verification Directions of Non-Teaching Staff
Circular Regarding- Leave Travel Concession
Circular Regarding- Attender Anomily-Modified Order Issued
Circular Regarding- Instruction for Preparing Bills of Self Drawing Officers
Circular Regarding- Additional Charge of DD Kozhikode
Circular Regarding- Additional Charge of DD Kollam
Circular Regarding- Additional Charge of ADCE
Circular Regarding- Plan Fund 2015-16
Circular Regarding- Additional Role (Deputy Directors)
Circular Regarding- Additional Role (Principal)
Circular Regarding- Non Teaching Representitive for College Staff Council
Circular Regarding- Instructions For Colleges and Hostels
Circular Regarding- NET Certificate Verification CS & IR

Circular Regarding- Local Holiday-10/03/2016

Circular Regarding- Right To Service
Circular Regarding- Plan Fund 2015-2016- Principal's Meeting
Circular Regarding- Parttime Employees
Circular Regarding- Entrance Examination
Circular Regarding- Maternity Leave
Circular Regarding- Fireworks
Circular Regarding- Spoken Tutorial Project
Circular Regarding- Fee Receipt and Book Number for Aided College
Circular Regarding- Employees Financial Statistics

Circular regarding- Electricity Bill Arrears

Circular regarding-Plan Fund 2015-2016- Principal's Meeting
Circular regarding-Posting of Full time Sweeper/Sanitation Worker/Cook
Circular regarding-Special Officer in Elanthoor
Circular regarding- UGC Area Study Center for Canadian Studies- Lecture Series- Clarificaltion of duty leave regarding
Circular regarding-Establishing Network and Installation of hardware
Circular regarding-Guidelines issued for Maintenance and Management of ASAP Computer Labs in Skill Development Centres
Circular regarding-Minuets of the meeting of ASAP- Departmental Coordination meeting on 11/12/2015
Circular regarding- ASAP Summer Skill School Programme 2016
Circular regarding-General Transfer request for Non Teaching Staff 2016
Circular regarding-Republic Day Celebrations 2016
Circular regarding- Posting of assistants as Confidential Assistant Grade2

Circular regarding- Low Paid Employees Eligible for By Transfer

Appointment to the Post of L.D.Clerk

Circular regarding- Strike on 12/01/2016- Orders Issued
Circular regarding- Matching Grand
College Code for Official Communication
Circular regarding- Reporting Vacancy- English
Circular regarding-Purchase Guidelines for Plan Fund
Circular regarding- Kerala Social Security Mission
Circular regarding- CR for DPC 2016- NonTeaching Staff
Circular regarding- ASPIRE Scholarship

Circular regarding- DPC (Higher) 2015-2016- Principal Promotion

in Art's and Science colleges

Circular regarding- FIP settlement of retiring Teacher's
Circular regarding- Duty leave of Government College Teachers
Circular regarding- Teacher's transfer
Circular regarding- Reporting unutilized amount in the PD Fund
Circular regarding- Instructions on substitute Teacher post creation
Circular regarding- ID Cards
Circular regarding- Other duties
Circular regarding- Instructions for the functioning of Govt. College
Circular regarding- Preparation of Data Bank
Circular regarding- Implementation of IFMS
Circular regarding- Posting of Sweepers,Sanitation Workers and Cooks
Circular regarding- Energy Conservation day
Circular regarding- Restrictions on Study Tour
Circular regarding-State Level NSS Liaison Officer Deputation
Circular regarding- Pension Application
Circular regarding- Collecting information to build Hostel
Circular regarding- Plan fund utilization purchase
Circular regarding- Transfer
Circular regarding- Non payment Electricity Bill
Circular regarding- CAMS
Circular regarding- Timely bound Higher Grade
Guidelines for applying GPF,TA,NRA,Conversion,Closure etc
No.V1/100484/2015Coll.Edn dated 14/09/2015 - Attention to all Hostel Warden
Budget Estimate(Plan) 2016-2017

No.J2/28131/2015/Coll.Edn dated 27/07/2015-Guidelines and DCE's

order for claiming Medical Reimbursement of Govt. college employees

Placement to the Lecturers as Senior/Selection Grade- as per the

decision of the Screening committee for the Govt. College Lecturers held on 25-07-2015

Collegiate Education Department – Budget Estimate 2016-2017-preparation of – instructions issued
Plan Fund Performance Report 2014-2015
Circular regarding Private College Admission
Additional Skill Aquisition Programme
Full Additional Charge - Principal,Deputy Director

Circular regarding the purchase of Plan Fund utilization

Principal posting- Maharaja's College - undertaking regarding

Selection of State Level NSS Liaison Officer on deputation from Lecturers

working in Colleges and Universities

B.Ed/M.Ed duration enhancement

B.Ed/M.Ed Admission Schedule 2015-2016

No.C3/9992/2015 Coll.Edn regarding Police verification of Last grade Employees

DPC(Higher)Govt. Training Colleges

No.B1/9931/2015/Coll.Edn Circular regarding full additional charge of Principal

Plan Proposal 2015-2016

Placement to the Lecturers as Senior/Selection Grade- as per the decision of the Screening committee for the Govt. College Lecturers held on 26-02-2015
No.F3/13122/2013/coll.edn dtd 309/09/2013 Fip Deputation


Pay fixation order of Attenders

No. K1/3333/2015/Coll.Edn dated 19.03.2014-e-Governance related

Hardware procurement

No. F3/39232/14/Coll.edn dated 12/03/2015 regarding FIP
PSC verification Schedule


DPC-Govt. Music College-2015

Attender pay fixation order and Annexure

Special Notice -- Biometric punching and ID Cards

Application Invited General Transfer Non teaching staff

No.E1/10865/2012/Coll.Edn dated 13.01.2015 regarding the staff Pattern

Family Benefit Scheme -Collection of the details

No C2/43413/2014/Coll.Edn dated 24.11.2014 CR for DPC 2014

No. C5/36944/2014/Coll.Edn dated 20/10/2014 Regarding PRAN

Proforma- Seniority List of non Teaching Staff of Private colleges

KPCR Educational benefits and annual income limit

No. G3/31727/2014/Coll.Edn Dated 22.08.2014 Rules governing the administration

of the study tour

TBGRI, Presenting books to Arts and Science Colleges

Filling up the post of Director, NCPSI in revised pay

No. G3/32082/2014/Coll.edn dtd 27/08/2014 Malayalam Bharana Bhasha

Puraskaram for Govt. Employees

No. J3/22382/2014/Coll.Edn dtd 18/06/2014 regarding Guidelines for

Preparing Last Salary Bill, NLC/LC

P&ARD Verification Reschedule

Guidelines regarding handling of complaints in Ministries and Departments

No.B3/24626/2014/Coll.Edn dtd 05/07/2014- DPC Higher 2014

Music Colleges-CR called for -Reg

No. P(IT).18664/2013/Coll.edn dated 11.07.2014 -e-tendering

No. Audit/U1/102149/2014/Coll.Edn dtd 01.07.2014 Utilization of

Govt. Colleges Classrooms

Special Announcement for Biometric Punching Time

No. G2/43563/2010/Coll.Edn dtd 30.06.2011  Biometric Punching Time

No.B3/22299/2014/Coll.Edn  dtd 25.06.2014 Confidential Report-preparing reg

No. K4/37419/2013/Cool.Edn Dtd 16/06.2014 -Reconcillation Report

No.G2/243563/2010/Coll.Edn dated 10.06.2014 Biometric Attendance Management System

Special Announcement

Guidelines for availing LTC

No.G2/43563/2010/Coll.Edn Dtd 06/05/2014 -Regarding Attendance details in

Bio-metric Punching System

No.C3/9906/2014/Coll.Edn Dtd 20/04/2014 P & ARD verification Schedule

The Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour to Sanskrit,Pali,Arabic

and Persian Scholars and Maharshi badrayan Vyas Samman for young

Scholars in the same fields- Recommendations  for the year 2014

Installation Schedule of Biometric Devices at all the institutions comes

under the DCE

No.C3/3705/2014/Coll.edn dtd 28.03.2014 Details Employees Eligible for LD Clerk/LD

Typist by Transfer Appointment

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing -Course Application Form and details

No.Ugccell3/17710/2010/Coll.edn dtd 05/11/2013

Collegiate Education Department – G.O(MS) 684/H.Edn/2013  dated  05-11-2013

No. G2/43563/2010/Coll.Edn dtd 17/03/2014 Collection of Employee details

by Institution wise for the purpose of Bio-metric Punching

Kannur University-Recognition of courses of other universities

No.B2/39937/2011/Coll.Edn dtd 03/03/2014 Regularization of Teaching Staff

P&AR (Administrative Vigilance VI) Department Verification of appointments during

the period 2001-2010 in the Collegiate education department

Entrance Examinations for Admission to Engineering/Medical Courses,

Kerala 2014-Appointment of Observers-Seeking Willingness

No. K1/08777/2014/Coll.edn dtd 04/03/2014 Surrender of Plan fund amount

Convocation of the University of Calicut

No. G2/43563/2010/Coll.edn dtd 01.03.2014 Installation,Testing and

Commissioning of biometric Reader under DCE's Institutions

20th Annual Conference of Indian Colleges

No. G4/45466/2013/Coll.edn  dtd 22.02.14 Reorganization of

Anti Raging Cell

Higher Education Department-Inviting nominations for the Chief

Minister's Awards for Innovation in Public policy(2013)

Proposal for starting new UG/PG course in Govt. Arts & Science Colleges

Higher Education Department-Enrolment of Youth in the Electoral Roll

K1/12895/2013/Coll.edn dated 30/01/2014 Non plan allotment  of Fund

Staff Pattern Revision 2014

Identification of Colleges under UG/PG level

Application Invited for General Transfer Non-Teaching Staff

Reposting of Physically Handicapped Employees -Certificate Verification

DPC(Higher) 2014 s Addl.Director/Dy. Director.Principal(Spl.Gr)/Principals

No.G4/43022/2013/Coll.Edn Dtd 22.12.2013 Unlawful Sale

is Banned in the Campus of Educational Institutions

PH Staff Reappointment

Application Invited for General Transfer Govt. Colleges Lectures

No. P1/24831/13 Coll.edn dated 04/12/2013 B.Ed Admission 2013-14 -Vacant Seat Filling

No. C2/21790/2013/Coll.Edn Dtd 21.10.2013 Data collection of

Existing Course detailsand Students studying in Govt/Arts and Science Colleges

No. C2/3940413/Coll.Edn Dtd 19.11.2013 D.P.C - Call For Confidential report

B.ED course 2013-14 Modified Order

Higher Education department Inauguration of Entrepreneurship Development

Clubs Instructions

CAS Norms for API

Appointment and remuneration of Guest Lectures in Aided Colleges

Appointment and remuneration of Guest Lecturers in Govt Colleges

Tobacco -Restrictions of sales and usage in Education Institutions and its surroundings

Private Aided Colleges Post creation Non-Teaching Staff (Conditional Course)

Pre-Employment Test- "India Skill Reoprt"

Higher Education Department student enterpreneurship scheme award of grace marks and attendance order

No.UGCCell3 17710/2010/Coll.Edn dated 04/09/2013 VIth UGC Scheme Arrears of Pay due to revision-the details of arrear  amount sanctioned-reimbursement from the Central Govt

Fund Allotment Proceedings

Data Collection Format for Store Purchase