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Installation Schedule of Biometric Devices at all the institutions comes

under the DCE

No.C3/3705/2014/Coll.edn dtd 28.03.2014 Details Employees Eligible for LD Clerk/LD

Typist by Transfer Appointment

Indian Institute of Remote Sensing -Course Application Form and details

No.Ugccell3/17710/2010/Coll.edn dtd 05/11/2013

Collegiate Education Department – G.O(MS) 684/H.Edn/2013  dated  05-11-2013

No. G2/43563/2010/Coll.Edn dtd 17/03/2014 Collection of Employee details

by Institution wise for the purpose of Bio-metric Punching

Kannur University-Recognition of courses of other universities

No.B2/39937/2011/Coll.Edn dtd 03/03/2014 Regularization of Teaching Staff

P&AR (Administrative Vigilance VI) Department Verification of appointments during

the period 2001-2010 in the Collegiate education department

Entrance Examinations for Admission to Engineering/Medical Courses,

Kerala 2014-Appointment of Observers-Seeking Willingness

No. K1/08777/2014/Coll.edn dtd 04/03/2014 Surrender of Plan fund amount

Convocation of the University of Calicut

No. G2/43563/2010/Coll.edn dtd 01.03.2014 Installation,Testing and

Commissioning of biometric Reader under DCE's Institutions

20th Annual Conference of Indian Colleges

No. G4/45466/2013/Coll.edn  dtd 22.02.14 Reorganization of

Anti Raging Cell

Higher Education Department-Inviting nominations for the Chief

Minister's Awards for Innovation in Public policy(2013)

Proposal for starting new UG/PG course in Govt. Arts & Science Colleges

Higher Education Department-Enrolment of Youth in the Electoral Roll

K1/12895/2013/Coll.edn dated 30/01/2014 Non plan allotment  of Fund

Staff Pattern Revision 2014

Identification of Colleges under UG/PG level

Application Invited for General Transfer Non-Teaching Staff

Reposting of Physically Handicapped Employees -Certificate Verification

DPC(Higher) 2014 s Addl.Director/Dy. Director.Principal(Spl.Gr)/Principals

No.G4/43022/2013/Coll.Edn Dtd 22.12.2013 Unlawful Sale

is Banned in the Campus of Educational Institutions

PH Staff Reappointment

Application Invited for General Transfer Govt. Colleges Lectures

No. P1/24831/13 Coll.edn dated 04/12/2013 B.Ed Admission 2013-14 -Vacant Seat Filling

No. C2/21790/2013/Coll.Edn Dtd 21.10.2013 Data collection of

Existing Course detailsand Students studying in Govt/Arts and Science Colleges

No. C2/3940413/Coll.Edn Dtd 19.11.2013 D.P.C - Call For Confidential report

B.ED course 2013-14 Modified Order

Higher Education department Inauguration of Entrepreneurship Development

Clubs Instructions

CAS Norms for API

Appointment and remuneration of Guest Lectures in Aided Colleges

Appointment and remuneration of Guest Lecturers in Govt Colleges

Tobacco -Restrictions of sales and usage in Education Institutions and its surroundings

Private Aided Colleges Post creation Non-Teaching Staff (Conditional Course)

No.F3/13122/2013/coll.edn dtd 309/09/2013 Fip Deputation

Pre-Employment Test- "India Skill Reoprt"

Higher Education Department student enterpreneurship scheme award of grace marks and attendance order

No.UGCCell3 17710/2010/Coll.Edn dated 04/09/2013 VIth UGC Scheme Arrears of Pay due to revision-the details of arrear  amount sanctioned-reimbursement from the Central Govt

Collegiate Education Department – Budget Estimate 2014-2015-    preparation of – instructions issued

Fund Allotment Proceedings

Collegiate Education- Plan Scheme 2013-14– Allotment of Funds- Accreditation of colleges with NAAC - Amount Sanctioned-Orders issued-

Data Collection Format for Store Purchase