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Spoken Tutorial (ST) program

"Spoken Tutorial (ST) program, IIT Bombay is the Knowledge Partner of Directorate of Collegiate Education, to provide Basic IT and Skill oriented IT/ Software courses to students for FREE of COST. Spoken Tutorial-IIT Bombay provides free training on C, C++, LaTeX, OpenFOAM, Perl, PHP, Python, Scilab etc. A Planning and Monitoring Tracker is available in the website given below. All the college Spoken Tutorial Faculty Coordinator shall provide the details regarding the training that is required for the college using the below given Planning and Monitoring Tracker. This program will be implemented and rolled out in the new Academic Year 2016-2017. Each college shall complete one year planning and submit Spoken Tutorial Planning form available on Directorate of Collegiate Education website before 7th September 2016. It is necessary that all the colleges shall introduce the training so that the students can benefit by getting jobs, learning advanced IT skills and improving exam performance."

Steps To Be Done:

Principal need to identify one Faculty Coordinator to conduct training in their college.

Nominated Faculty Coordinator (FC) to complete the following activities before 7th September 2016

Complete the Registration. Click here for: Faculty Coordinator Registration

Download Course Material from our Website : Course Download Link

FCs to upload the Master Batches. Click here for: Master Batch Upload link

FC to fill the Semester Training Planner forms. Click here for Semester Training Planner (STP) link


Click here for DCE - Spoken Tutorial - Planning and Monitoring Tracker


Project website is www.spoken-tutorial.org

In case of any query please contact:
Mrs. Sanchita Samant
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile: 09004323299