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Online facility for Private College Teachers Provident Fund Scheme
Attapadi Govt. College Started
Ambalapuzha Govt. College Started
Online facility for all scholarship schemes.
EDUSAT network to Govt. Colleges  SITs to 24 colleges installed
New building for Government College, Chavara
Cultural exchange programme for the students of Government music colleges
Recording theatre in the SST college of Music campus, Thiruvananthapuram
Teacher End Studio for the EDUSAT network in Government Sanskrit College campus
Increase in distribution of scholarships - 59,619 in 2009
176 new posts of College Lecturers created for Various Govt Colleges
Seniority list of College Lecturers not published since 1994, now being published
Credit cards of Provident Fund Accounts of aided college staff only upto the year 1992 were given,  now special efforts being taken to issue cards up to 2009