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Government Order -Covid-19-Extension of Arrangements made and Instruction Regarding Retirement on Superannuation-Dated- 31/03/2020
Government Order - NPS  Dated- 26/02/2019
Government Order - Enhancement of Seats - 21/06/2019
Government Order - Increment and Other service benefits of Asso. Prof. in Computer Science Dated 30/05/2019
Government Order - Full Additional Charge - Principal Govt Arts & Science College Chittoor -Dated - 13/05/2019
Government Order - Enhancement of Remuneration of the Daily Wages/Contract Teachers Dated -19/11/2018
Government Order -(Music Colleges) Special Rules,2008 Amended in tune with Special Rules for Collegiate Education Service  Dated - 28/12/2018
Government Order -The Mahatma Gandhi logo should be included in all media Dated - 12/12/2018
Government Order - SPCS Book Purchase using RUSA Fund Regarding  Dated - 12/12/2018
Government Order -Participatory Pension Scheme - Those who are eligible for the Mobility Benefit to continue with the Statistical Pension are exempting the delay in submitting the form
Dated -10/09/2018
Government Order - Full Additional Charge of Principal Rectification  Dated - 06/09/2018
Government Order - Full Additional Charge of Principal Attappadi Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Govt Arts & Science College   Dated - 13/09/2018
Government Order - Kerala Last Grade Service -Category Change -Probation Period -Dated -27/01/2018
Government Order - Transfer and Promotion of Principals Dated 04/08/18
Government Order-Daily Wages Dated -21/07/2018
Government Order - Appointment to the Post of Lecturer - Relaxation of marks for Masters Degree - Amendment of Special Rules Dated 13/04/18
Government Order -Establishment Enhancement of Remuneration of the Daily Waged/Contract Teachers  Dated 04/07/18
Government Order - Release of 3rd and 4th Installments of 6th UGC Pay Revision Dated 26/06/18

Govt Employees Transfer and Appointment Regarding Dated -25/02/2017

Government Order - Faculty Development Programme-Guidelines for Workshop/Seminar/Refresher Course Dated 25/05/18
Government Order - Transfer of Principal Dated 07/06/18

Government Order - Special Grade Principal - Probation Declared

Dated 05/06/2018

Government Order - Guest Faculty Salary Dated -28/04/18
Government Order-Publishing of Book-Dr. Joseph Kacharayil
Government Order-KIIFB
Government Order-Infrastructure Development of Five Govt Arts and Science Colleges Under KIIFB
Goverment Order-UGC Arrear Release-P.EDN
Government Order- Centralized e-Procurement Guildliness
Government Order- LAC-ADS-Regarding
Government Order- Utilization of Accumulated PD Accounts
Government Order-Earned Leave Surrender
Government Order- PD Accounts of Govt and Aided Arts and Sciences Colleges-Sanctioned
Circular Regarding- Government Order for Official Language
Circular Regarding- Chief Minister's Awards for Innovation in Public Policy(2016)
Circular Regarding- Training programme on e-Governance Project Management (eGPM)

Circular Regarding- Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Letter Regarding- KIIFB
Circular Regarding- KIIFB-Guidelines for Preparation of DPRs-Teams Constituted
Circular Regarding- KIIFB-Guidelines for Preparation of DPRs
Circular Regarding- Republic Day Celebration
Higher Education-International Seminar on Emerging Trends in Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture
Circular Regarding- Payment of Sixth UGC Pay Revision Arrears-Third Installment
Circular Regarding- Enhancement of Remuneration of Daily Wage Personnel and Persons on Contract Appointment.
Circular Regarding- Meeting of the Principals of Government Arts & Science Colleges
Circular Regarding- Onam Celebration-Tourisam Dept
Circular Regarding- Onam Celebration
Circular Regarding- Higher Education-Minutes of the meeting in connection with the UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Education Institutions
Circular Regarding- Celebration of wearing Handloom Cloth
Circular Regarding- Sadbhavana Day
Transfer Order for Principals
Circular Regarding- Independance Day Celebration
Circular Regarding- Advance for the Purchase of Mosquito Net and Other Conveyances
Order for Improving Quality of Education in Colleges Affiliated to the University of Kerala
Circular for Statutory Pension Scheme
Circular for Biodiversity
Circular Regarding- Technical-Rules/Regulations for the smooth functionaing of the campuses and hostels of Universities and Affiliated Colleges
Cleanliness Drive
Order for Probation Declaration of Principals
Order for Finance Department- HBA-Extension of date for the submission of Application for 2016-17
Order for Higher Education- Temporary Promotion to the Post of Principals in Govt. Arts & Science Colleges
Order fo Finance Department- Budget Estimates 2016-17-Demands for Grants and Detailed Estimates-Opening of new object heads of account under the existing detailed head 02-Wages-Sanctioned
Order for Higher Education- Private Colleges-LWA-Rejoining at the fag end of an Academic year-Cancellation of unavailed portionof LWA-Instructions
Order for Higher Education- Private Aided Colleges Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration Academic and Management 2016-Nominations
Circular Regarding- Direct Contact-Meeting of Foreign Embessies-High Commissions-Consulates with dignitaries-Officials in the State Government
Circular Regarding- Restrictions on Release of Funds Under MP's/MLA's Local Area Development Scheme
Order for Higher Education-Private Aided College-Gain PF Implementation
Order for Physically Challenged Employees- Permanent and Reappointed
Nominations are Invited for the awards by the Government of Kerala for Innovation in Public Service 2015
Higher Education-Technical-WPC No. 30612/2015-Judgment
No.23/2016/H.Edn dated 03.02.2016- Sixth UGC Scheme-Special Allowances Modified order
No.24/2016/H.Edn dated 03.02.2016- Sixth UGC Scheme-Identification of PG Colleges
No.5/2016Fin dated 14.01.2016- States's financial situation
No.77216/ddn2/2015 dated 31.12.2015- Martyrs' Day
No.02/Secy./2016/H.Edn. dated 18.01.2016- Spoken Tutorial Programme
No.43/2016/H.Edn. dated 08.01.2016- Implementation of GAINPF-Time limit fixed-Orders issued
Organ Donation
No.2870/2015/h.Edn dated 5/11/2015- Regular promotion order
No26483/G1/15/H.Edn dated 12.10.2015 - Rules/Regulation for smooth functioning of the campuses and hostels of Universities and affiliated colleges- Instructions issued
No7995/A.R13(2)/15/ARD dated 24.06.2015- Administrative Reforms
No.A2-3581/2015 dated 26.10.2015 -Annual NTCA Awards for Excellence in Various Tiger Reserve- reg
No.27/K3/2015/H.Edn dated 03.11.2015 -All India survey on Higher Education -Uploading data for the year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 -reg
No.67/K2/15/H.Edn dated 30.09.2015 -Procurement of LED lights for Schools,Colleges,Universities,Govt. College Hostels from Keltron
No.67509/Cdn.1/2015/GAD dated 28.10.2015 regarding Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas
No.18293 dated 14.10.2015 regarding Official Language Celebration
No.16032/F1/15/H.Edn dated 25.09.2015 Transfer of employees under Supernumerary post
No.12416/K2/15/H.Edn dated 14.09.2015 Purchase of Books in Universities,Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions
No.15888 dated 26.08.2015 Circular regarding the exhibition of 'No Smoking' board
GO No.318/08/revenue(t) dated 23.09.2008 Certificates under Village,Thaluk,RDO
No.34361/P/13H.Edn dated 27.07.2015- PTA Fund Collection from SC/ST Students
No.12415/K2/15/H.Edn dated 29.05.2015 Purchase of Books in Universities,Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions
No.25-1/NSS/KER/2015-16 dated 23.06.2015 -Office/Officers of the NSS changed
No.225/2015/H.Edn dated 01.06.2015 - Payment of Sixth UGC Pay Revision Arrears
No.17566/B4/15H.Edn dtd 10.06.2015 - Admission of students from kerala to MG Government arts college,Mahe on reciprocal agreement basis
No/72/2014/Social justice department  dated 14/08/2014 regarding Assistive Technology
GO(RT) No. 178/2015/H.edn dated 29/01/2015- Collegiate Education- Timing of College Teachers - Implementing of punching system - Modified-reg
No.8326/AR14(1)/2011/P& ARD dated 29/10/2012 Training and Programme outside India -Procedures to be followed -Revised Instructions Issued
No.7986/F2/2014/H.edn dtd 24.06.2014 regarding the appointment of part time lecturer
No.12996/A1/12/SCSTDD - Institute of Cvil Services Examination Training society-Posting of Principal
No.30632/C3/13/H.edn dated 04.12.2014 Higher Education Dept -Granting autonomous Status to Govt & Aided Colleges Inviting Application for the academic year 2015-16
GO(RT) No. 2319/2014/H.Edn dated 27/09/2014 -Norms Fixed for the transfer and posting of Govt College Teachers-modified-orders issued
No, 2169/2014/H.Edn dtd 16/09/2014 Promotion Order - Principals
No. 3454/2014/F1  dtd 10.07.2014 The usage of TR5 Receipts
No.P2-2929/14KSLMA dated 16.07.2014 Celebration of Literacy day
Celebrations at government offices during working hours- directions issued
No. UGC-ASC(A)/MISC/2009 DT 29.03.2014 Conducting Faculty Development Programme  for Teacher Educators -reg
No.37575/K1/2013/H.edn dated 09.05.2014 Teachers hail new clothes norm
No.14147/B4/14/H.edn dtd 29.04.2014 Information on (GIS)-Latitudinal&Longitudinal Position of the Institutions-report called
No.735/2014/H.edn dtd 05/04/2014 Collegiate Education -Accounts Officer,Sr. Administrative Assistant, Special officer for Scholarships, Administrative Assistant Promotion and Transfer Orders
G.o(MS) No. 10/2014 P& ARD dated 25/04/2014 100 days programme -Dismersal of files - Orders Issued
G.O (M.S)No.150/2014/H.Edn dtd 27/03/2014 Higher Education Department - Collegiate Education -Appointment, Duties and Responsibilities of Head of Department in various Departments of Colleges -Guidelines fixed- Orders issued.
NG.O (Ms)No.323/2011/Fin dtd 29.07.2011-Treasury De;posit-Opening of Personal Deposit Account in Educational Institutions -Sanctioned-Orders
No.8324/K3/14/H.Edn dtd 04/03/2014 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace
No.230/2014/H.Edn Dtd 05.02.2014 Duty leave to the teachers for participating the national seminar at Thiruvananthapuram on 9th January 2014
No.3900/Adv.C2/2014/P&ARD dtd 15.02.2014 Recording of the Annual Confidential Report by the reporting Authorities-Instructions Issued
No.25518/C3/10/H.e.dn dtd 18.01.2014 Higher Education Department -Sixth UGC Scheme-Placement of Selection Grade lecturers/readers to the post of Associate Professor- Clarification Reg:
G.O(Ms) No.684/2013/H.Edn Dated 05.11.2013 Higher Education Department Sixth UGC scheme-grading of Colleges & Pay Scale and Special Allowances of Principals- Orders Issued
No.114/2014/H.Edn dtd 20.012014 Transfer and promotion Administrative officer/Accounts Officer
GO(MS) No.205/2013/Tax dtd 09/12/2013 Lahari Virudha Club in Colleges
No.A-3875-13/CFS Dtd 15/12/2013 CFS-Providing Safe food in  school college canteens /mid day meal scheme-
G.O (RT) No.64/13/SPD Dtd 23/11/2013 Store Purchase Department -Purchase of Wooden Furniture From SIDCO
No.4416/A2/13/Sports& Youth Affairs -Sexual Harassment Stringent Action
No.104983/SL1/2013 dtd 02.12.2013 Funds provided by Govt. to State Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous bodies etc parked in Treasuries/Banks/Financial Institutions under TSB/SB/FD-Details Called for reg-
No.2371/2013/H.Edn dtd 04.12.2013 Transfer and promotion of Sr. Administrative Assistant, Special Officer for Scholarships, Accounts Officer, Administrative Assistant
No.2076/2013/H.Edn Dated 21.10.2013 Transfer and Promotion Administrative Assistant
No.1826/2013/H.Edn dtd 04/09/2013 Transfer and Promotion Senior Administrative Assistant
No.564/2013/H.edn Dated 07/08/2013 Director of Collegiate Education Addition Charge order
No.1328/B1/2008/ITD dtd 17/01/2013 ITD-Acceptance of Digitally Signed Certificates
MS No.230/2013/P&ARD dtd 03/08/2013 Holiday for educational Institutions
G.O(Rt) No.1505/2013/H.edn Dated 16/07/2013 Promotion,Transfer and Postings in the cadre of Principals in Govt. Arts and Science Colleges
No. 969/A2/2007/SPD dtd 04/07/2013 Store Purchase Manual
G.O(P) No. 213/2013/Fin dtd 09/05/2013 TR 5 Receipts bearing Centralized Numbering System
No.1364/2013/H.edn Dtd 28.06.2013 Collegiate Education -Accounts Officer, Administrative Assistant Promotion and Transfer Orders
G.O(Rt)No. 853/2013/H.edn Dtd 03.05.2013 Higher Education Department- Collegiate Education Department- Promotions,transfer and postings in the cadre of Principal in Government Arts & Science Colleges-
No.530/2013/H.edn dated 01.04.2013 Promotion Administrative Assistant
No.Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll.edn dated 03.04.2013 Audit Adalath
G.O(P) No.101/13/Fin dtd 23/02/2013-Introduction of Centralised System for the Payment of Electricity/Water Charges of Government
No. 8950/B2/13/H.edn dated 27.03.2013 Higher Education Department-Retirement Age of Teachers Under Mahatma Gandhi University in Credit and Semester System- Clarification Issued
No. Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn dated 06/03/2013 Audit Adalath
No. 110/2013/H.Edn(F) dated 28/01/2013 Modified rate for  Faculty Development
No. Stat.37252/2012/Coll.edn dated 31.01.2013 2012-13 Annual Administration Report Preparation
No. K1.3194/2012/Coll.Edn dated 29/01/2013 Expenditure Statement
No.C2/64/13/Coll.Edn Dated 30/01/2013 General Transfer Non teaching Staff
No.B2/43804/2012/Coll.Edn  Dtd 16/01/2013 General Transfer 2013-14 Teaching Staff
No.5687/Training1/2012/Legi dated 12/12/2012 Quiz Competition for Students by University Level
No. B3-25468/2004/Coll Edn dated 03/01/13 Selection Grade Lectures Integrated Seniority List
No. Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll Edn  dtd 15/01/2013 Audit Adalath
No. Audit-U1/106600/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 08/01/2013 Department Audit
No. C2/064/13/Coll.Edn dated 04/01/13 Non teaching  Staff General Transfer- Application Called
G.O (Rt) No. 2697/2012/H.edn dated 19/12/2012 Higher Education department-Academic-Admission to B.Ed course 2012-13-Closing date Instructions Issued
No. C6/44254/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 17/12/2012 -Training to Principals of Govt. Colleges Relating to Financial Management Topics -Reg
No.G2-43260/2012/Coll.Edn dtd 14/12/2012 National Commission  for SCs- State level Review Meeting -details called for
Order No.C6/57276/10/Coll.Edn dated 13/12/2012 Preparation of handbook -Meeting
No. 104948/IT-TD1/2012/Fin dated 07/12/2012 Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM)-Training needs of the Principals
No. 13450/Leg.B1/2012/Law dated 6/8/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act 2012- General Information
G.O(P) No. 56/2012/P & ARD dated 27/10/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act, 2012 Rules
G.O(P) No. 55/2012/P & ARD dated 27/10/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act, 2012 Notification
No.Audit-V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 22/11/2012 Audit Adalath
G.o(P) No.602/2012/H.Edn  dated 28/11/2012 - Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest Teachers Further Modified
C2/40627/12/Coll.edn Dated 20/11/2012 Confidential Report
No.2526/2012/H.Edn dated 23.11.2012 Transfer and Promotion for Administrative Assistant
No. C3/35640/2012/Coll.edn dated 21/11/2012 the data collection of handicapped employees
No. G3 35214/2012/Coll. Edn dated 26/11/2012 the report for Malayala Dinakosham
No.1488/EL3/2012/elec dated 03/10/2012 Special Campaign for Electoral Enrollment through Visits to educational Institutions
No. K1/16840/12/Coll edn dated 09/10/2012 Collegiate Education Dept Electricity and Water Charges
Collegiate Education  Department – Special coaching programme for                  Departmental Test for Government Employees belonging to SC / ST category –       nominations invited  –  regarding.
No.2053/2012/H.edn dated 28/09/2012 promotion of Deputy director, Special grade principal etc
Gandhi Jayanthi Week Celebration 2012
No. 30985/D1/2010/H.edn  Dated 11/09/2012 Higher Education Department-Private Aided Colleges Refixation  of Workload
Higher Education- Additional new courses under Arts/Sciences/Sanskrit colleges
Higher Education- New Courses starting under Arts/Science/Sanskrit Colleges
Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment/Honorarium of Guest Teachers- Modifies- Orders Issued
G.O(Rt) No. 1648/2012/H.Edn Dated 03.08.2012 promotion and Postings of Administrative Assistants and Accounts Officers
G.O.(Ms)No.332/2012/ H.Edn  dtd 19.07.2012 Advance Increments for persons who have been awarded PH.D degree between 01.09.2008 and 18.09.2010
No.39/2012/Fin Dtd 18/06/2012 Advance for the purchase of Mosquito and other Conveyances
G.O(Rt) No. 1330/2012/H.Edn dated 29/06/2012 Higher Education Dept-Collegiate Education -Promotions-Transfer and postings of Administrative Assistants, Accounts Officers and Special Officer for Scholarships
No. C2-1233/2012/Coll.Edn dated 22/06/2012 LD/UD Clerks General Transfer -Complaint
No. GAIV/E3/1470/2005 dtd 18/05/2012 Admission of students to ist year of the 2year Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary courses in the affiliated Arabic/Oriental Title Colleges during 2012-2013 schedule of admission procedure intimated
G.O(Rt) No. 1065/2012/H.edn dated 05/06/2012 Collegiate Education Promotions, Transfer and Postings of Accounts Officers -Orders
Draft for Consultation- Self Financing Colleges
G.O(Rt) No. 539/2012 H.edn dtd 15/03/2012 Enhancement of Non-Tax Revenue in Higher Education Department- Revision of Fees for Graduate and Post Graduate Courses Rent and Other Charges
G.O(MS) No. 178/85/H.Edn dated 01/08/1985 Private Colleges Teachers elected as presidents of Service Co-op banks Special casual leave for attending Board meetings
No. 626/12/H.edn dtd 27/03/2012 Higher Education Department Non Teaching staff leave application modified Order
No.C5-15783/12/Coll.Edn dated 04/05/2012 establishment data for non teaching staff
Establishment Data for non Teaching Staff
No.C6/57276/2011/Coll.Edn  dtd 18/04/2012 Hand Book Preparation
No. B3/54259/2011/Coll.Edn Dtd 14/03/2012 sanskrit Special Selection Grade Lecturers Seniority List

Higher Education Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment/Honorarium of Guest Teachers- Modified – Orders Issued

No. B4-3411/2012/Coll. Edn dated 31/01/2012 - Temporarily Seniority list
G.o(P) No.28/2012/H.Edn dated 25/01/2012- Honorarium of Guest Teachers
Attention Govt. College Principals- Authorised Agencies for Infrastructural Works
No.170/D2/2012/H.Edn Dated 18/01/2012 Concurrence for filling up of vacancies
G.O(rt) No. 130/12/H.Edn dated 18/01/2012 Promotions, Transfer and Postings of Administrative Assistants & Accounts Officers
Collegiate Education Department-Appointment of State Liaison Officer-State NSS Cell-Application called for - reg
No.30934/A1/11/H.edn dated 09/01/2012- National Service Scheme(NSS) Appointment of new State Liaison Officer Inviting Application Reg:
Circular -Environmental Awareness Programme Under the Directorate of Environmental Climate Change
No. 43895/K3/2011 H.Edn dated 07-12-2011-ICT launching of AAKASH cost computing cum access device by MHRD- Requirement of State-reg
No. 42395/B4/2011/H.Edn dated 20.12.2011 Admission of B.Ed Course 2011-12-Vacant seats after completion of centralised allotment process
2012 Non Teaching Staff General Transfer - Circular
Circular No. P1-46027/2011/Coll.Edn dated 22.11.2011 _Meeting of the Govt. College Principals
EDUSAT-Constitution of State Level Steering Committee and nomination of State Nodal Officer for the optimal utilisation of EDUSAT capabilities-orders issued
Redeployment of Teachers / Lecturers from Colleges to Government VHSE
EDUSAT Constitution of a Task Force for effective utilisation of EDUSAT orders issued.