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Circular Regarding- Technical-Rules/Regulations for the smooth functionaing of the campuses and hostels of Universities and Affiliated Colleges
Cleanliness Drive
Order for Probation Declaration of Principals
Order for Finance Department- HBA-Extension of date for the submission of Application for 2016-17
Order for Higher Education- Temporary Promotion to the Post of Principals in Govt. Arts & Science Colleges
Order fo Finance Department- Budget Estimates 2016-17-Demands for Grants and Detailed Estimates-Opening of new object heads of account under the existing detailed head 02-Wages-Sanctioned
Order for Higher Education- Private Colleges-LWA-Rejoining at the fag end of an Academic year-Cancellation of unavailed portionof LWA-Instructions
Order for Higher Education- Private Aided Colleges Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for Excellence in Public Administration Academic and Management 2016-Nominations
Circular Regarding- Direct Contact-Meeting of Foreign Embessies-High Commissions-Consulates with dignitaries-Officials in the State Government
Circular Regarding- Restrictions on Release of Funds Under MP's/MLA's Local Area Development Scheme
Order for Higher Education-Private Aided College-Gain PF Implementation
Order for Physically Challenged Employees- Permanent and Reappointed
Nominations are Invited for the awards by the Government of Kerala for Innovation in Public Service 2015
Higher Education-Technical-WPC No. 30612/2015-Judgment
No.23/2016/H.Edn dated 03.02.2016- Sixth UGC Scheme-Special Allowances Modified order
No.24/2016/H.Edn dated 03.02.2016- Sixth UGC Scheme-Identification of PG Colleges
No.5/2016Fin dated 14.01.2016- States's financial situation
No.77216/ddn2/2015 dated 31.12.2015- Martyrs' Day
No.02/Secy./2016/H.Edn. dated 18.01.2016- Spoken Tutorial Programme
No.43/2016/H.Edn. dated 08.01.2016- Implementation of GAINPF-Time limit fixed-Orders issued
Organ Donation
No.2870/2015/h.Edn dated 5/11/2015- Regular promotion order
No26483/G1/15/H.Edn dated 12.10.2015 - Rules/Regulation for smooth functioning of the campuses and hostels of Universities and affiliated colleges- Instructions issued
No7995/A.R13(2)/15/ARD dated 24.06.2015- Administrative Reforms
No.A2-3581/2015 dated 26.10.2015 -Annual NTCA Awards for Excellence in Various Tiger Reserve- reg
No.27/K3/2015/H.Edn dated 03.11.2015 -All India survey on Higher Education -Uploading data for the year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 -reg
No.67/K2/15/H.Edn dated 30.09.2015 -Procurement of LED lights for Schools,Colleges,Universities,Govt. College Hostels from Keltron
No.67509/Cdn.1/2015/GAD dated 28.10.2015 regarding Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas
No.18293 dated 14.10.2015 regarding Official Language Celebration
No.16032/F1/15/H.Edn dated 25.09.2015 Transfer of employees under Supernumerary post
No.12416/K2/15/H.Edn dated 14.09.2015 Purchase of Books in Universities,Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions
No.15888 dated 26.08.2015 Circular regarding the exhibition of 'No Smoking' board
GO No.318/08/revenue(t) dated 23.09.2008 Certificates under Village,Thaluk,RDO
No.34361/P/13H.Edn dated 27.07.2015- PTA Fund Collection from SC/ST Students
No.12415/K2/15/H.Edn dated 29.05.2015 Purchase of Books in Universities,Colleges, and Other Educational Institutions
No.25-1/NSS/KER/2015-16 dated 23.06.2015 -Office/Officers of the NSS changed
No.225/2015/H.Edn dated 01.06.2015 - Payment of Sixth UGC Pay Revision Arrears
No.17566/B4/15H.Edn dtd 10.06.2015 - Admission of students from kerala to MG Government arts college,Mahe on reciprocal agreement basis
No/72/2014/Social justice department  dated 14/08/2014 regarding Assistive Technology
GO(RT) No. 178/2015/H.edn dated 29/01/2015- Collegiate Education- Timing of College Teachers - Implementing of punching system - Modified-reg
No.8326/AR14(1)/2011/P& ARD dated 29/10/2012 Training and Programme outside India -Procedures to be followed -Revised Instructions Issued
No.7986/F2/2014/H.edn dtd 24.06.2014 regarding the appointment of part time lecturer
No.12996/A1/12/SCSTDD - Institute of Cvil Services Examination Training society-Posting of Principal
No.30632/C3/13/H.edn dated 04.12.2014 Higher Education Dept -Granting autonomous Status to Govt & Aided Colleges Inviting Application for the academic year 2015-16
GO(RT) No. 2319/2014/H.Edn dated 27/09/2014 -Norms Fixed for the transfer and posting of Govt College Teachers-modified-orders issued
No, 2169/2014/H.Edn dtd 16/09/2014 Promotion Order - Principals
No. 3454/2014/F1  dtd 10.07.2014 The usage of TR5 Receipts
No.P2-2929/14KSLMA dated 16.07.2014 Celebration of Literacy day
Celebrations at government offices during working hours- directions issued
No. UGC-ASC(A)/MISC/2009 DT 29.03.2014 Conducting Faculty Development Programme  for Teacher Educators -reg
No.37575/K1/2013/H.edn dated 09.05.2014 Teachers hail new clothes norm
No.14147/B4/14/H.edn dtd 29.04.2014 Information on (GIS)-Latitudinal&Longitudinal Position of the Institutions-report called
No.735/2014/H.edn dtd 05/04/2014 Collegiate Education -Accounts Officer,Sr. Administrative Assistant, Special officer for Scholarships, Administrative Assistant Promotion and Transfer Orders
G.o(MS) No. 10/2014 P& ARD dated 25/04/2014 100 days programme -Dismersal of files - Orders Issued
G.O (M.S)No.150/2014/H.Edn dtd 27/03/2014 Higher Education Department - Collegiate Education -Appointment, Duties and Responsibilities of Head of Department in various Departments of Colleges -Guidelines fixed- Orders issued.
NG.O (Ms)No.323/2011/Fin dtd 29.07.2011-Treasury De;posit-Opening of Personal Deposit Account in Educational Institutions -Sanctioned-Orders
No.8324/K3/14/H.Edn dtd 04/03/2014 Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace
No.230/2014/H.Edn Dtd 05.02.2014 Duty leave to the teachers for participating the national seminar at Thiruvananthapuram on 9th January 2014
No.3900/Adv.C2/2014/P&ARD dtd 15.02.2014 Recording of the Annual Confidential Report by the reporting Authorities-Instructions Issued
No.25518/C3/10/H.e.dn dtd 18.01.2014 Higher Education Department -Sixth UGC Scheme-Placement of Selection Grade lecturers/readers to the post of Associate Professor- Clarification Reg:
G.O(Ms) No.684/2013/H.Edn Dated 05.11.2013 Higher Education Department Sixth UGC scheme-grading of Colleges & Pay Scale and Special Allowances of Principals- Orders Issued
No.114/2014/H.Edn dtd 20.012014 Transfer and promotion Administrative officer/Accounts Officer
GO(MS) No.205/2013/Tax dtd 09/12/2013 Lahari Virudha Club in Colleges
No.A-3875-13/CFS Dtd 15/12/2013 CFS-Providing Safe food in  school college canteens /mid day meal scheme-
G.O (RT) No.64/13/SPD Dtd 23/11/2013 Store Purchase Department -Purchase of Wooden Furniture From SIDCO
No.4416/A2/13/Sports& Youth Affairs -Sexual Harassment Stringent Action
No.104983/SL1/2013 dtd 02.12.2013 Funds provided by Govt. to State Public Sector Undertakings/Autonomous bodies etc parked in Treasuries/Banks/Financial Institutions under TSB/SB/FD-Details Called for reg-
No.2371/2013/H.Edn dtd 04.12.2013 Transfer and promotion of Sr. Administrative Assistant, Special Officer for Scholarships, Accounts Officer, Administrative Assistant
No.2076/2013/H.Edn Dated 21.10.2013 Transfer and Promotion Administrative Assistant
No.1826/2013/H.Edn dtd 04/09/2013 Transfer and Promotion Senior Administrative Assistant
No.564/2013/H.edn Dated 07/08/2013 Director of Collegiate Education Addition Charge order
No.1328/B1/2008/ITD dtd 17/01/2013 ITD-Acceptance of Digitally Signed Certificates
MS No.230/2013/P&ARD dtd 03/08/2013 Holiday for educational Institutions
G.O(Rt) No.1505/2013/H.edn Dated 16/07/2013 Promotion,Transfer and Postings in the cadre of Principals in Govt. Arts and Science Colleges
No. 969/A2/2007/SPD dtd 04/07/2013 Store Purchase Manual
G.O(P) No. 213/2013/Fin dtd 09/05/2013 TR 5 Receipts bearing Centralized Numbering System
No.1364/2013/H.edn Dtd 28.06.2013 Collegiate Education -Accounts Officer, Administrative Assistant Promotion and Transfer Orders
G.O(Rt)No. 853/2013/H.edn Dtd 03.05.2013 Higher Education Department- Collegiate Education Department- Promotions,transfer and postings in the cadre of Principal in Government Arts & Science Colleges-
No.530/2013/H.edn dated 01.04.2013 Promotion Administrative Assistant
No.Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll.edn dated 03.04.2013 Audit Adalath
G.O(P) No.101/13/Fin dtd 23/02/2013-Introduction of Centralised System for the Payment of Electricity/Water Charges of Government
No. 8950/B2/13/H.edn dated 27.03.2013 Higher Education Department-Retirement Age of Teachers Under Mahatma Gandhi University in Credit and Semester System- Clarification Issued
No. Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn dated 06/03/2013 Audit Adalath
No. 110/2013/H.Edn(F) dated 28/01/2013 Modified rate for  Faculty Development
No. Stat.37252/2012/Coll.edn dated 31.01.2013 2012-13 Annual Administration Report Preparation
No. K1.3194/2012/Coll.Edn dated 29/01/2013 Expenditure Statement
No.C2/64/13/Coll.Edn Dated 30/01/2013 General Transfer Non teaching Staff
No.B2/43804/2012/Coll.Edn  Dtd 16/01/2013 General Transfer 2013-14 Teaching Staff
No.5687/Training1/2012/Legi dated 12/12/2012 Quiz Competition for Students by University Level
No. B3-25468/2004/Coll Edn dated 03/01/13 Selection Grade Lectures Integrated Seniority List
No. Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll Edn  dtd 15/01/2013 Audit Adalath
No. Audit-U1/106600/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 08/01/2013 Department Audit
No. C2/064/13/Coll.Edn dated 04/01/13 Non teaching  Staff General Transfer- Application Called
G.O (Rt) No. 2697/2012/H.edn dated 19/12/2012 Higher Education department-Academic-Admission to B.Ed course 2012-13-Closing date Instructions Issued
No. C6/44254/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 17/12/2012 -Training to Principals of Govt. Colleges Relating to Financial Management Topics -Reg
No.G2-43260/2012/Coll.Edn dtd 14/12/2012 National Commission  for SCs- State level Review Meeting -details called for
Order No.C6/57276/10/Coll.Edn dated 13/12/2012 Preparation of handbook -Meeting
No. 104948/IT-TD1/2012/Fin dated 07/12/2012 Centre for Training in Financial Management (CTFM)-Training needs of the Principals
No. 13450/Leg.B1/2012/Law dated 6/8/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act 2012- General Information
G.O(P) No. 56/2012/P & ARD dated 27/10/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act, 2012 Rules
G.O(P) No. 55/2012/P & ARD dated 27/10/2012 Kerala State Right to Service Act, 2012 Notification
No.Audit-V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 22/11/2012 Audit Adalath
G.o(P) No.602/2012/H.Edn  dated 28/11/2012 - Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest Teachers Further Modified
C2/40627/12/Coll.edn Dated 20/11/2012 Confidential Report
No.2526/2012/H.Edn dated 23.11.2012 Transfer and Promotion for Administrative Assistant
No. C3/35640/2012/Coll.edn dated 21/11/2012 the data collection of handicapped employees
No. G3 35214/2012/Coll. Edn dated 26/11/2012 the report for Malayala Dinakosham
No.1488/EL3/2012/elec dated 03/10/2012 Special Campaign for Electoral Enrollment through Visits to educational Institutions
No. K1/16840/12/Coll edn dated 09/10/2012 Collegiate Education Dept Electricity and Water Charges
Collegiate Education  Department – Special coaching programme for                  Departmental Test for Government Employees belonging to SC / ST category –       nominations invited  –  regarding.
No.2053/2012/H.edn dated 28/09/2012 promotion of Deputy director, Special grade principal etc
Gandhi Jayanthi Week Celebration 2012
No. 30985/D1/2010/H.edn  Dated 11/09/2012 Higher Education Department-Private Aided Colleges Refixation  of Workload
Higher Education- Additional new courses under Arts/Sciences/Sanskrit colleges
Higher Education- New Courses starting under Arts/Science/Sanskrit Colleges
Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment/Honorarium of Guest Teachers- Modifies- Orders Issued
G.O(Rt) No. 1648/2012/H.Edn Dated 03.08.2012 promotion and Postings of Administrative Assistants and Accounts Officers
G.O.(Ms)No.332/2012/ H.Edn  dtd 19.07.2012 Advance Increments for persons who have been awarded PH.D degree between 01.09.2008 and 18.09.2010
No.39/2012/Fin Dtd 18/06/2012 Advance for the purchase of Mosquito and other Conveyances
G.O(Rt) No. 1330/2012/H.Edn dated 29/06/2012 Higher Education Dept-Collegiate Education -Promotions-Transfer and postings of Administrative Assistants, Accounts Officers and Special Officer for Scholarships
No. C2-1233/2012/Coll.Edn dated 22/06/2012 LD/UD Clerks General Transfer -Complaint
No. GAIV/E3/1470/2005 dtd 18/05/2012 Admission of students to ist year of the 2year Afzal-ul-Ulama Preliminary courses in the affiliated Arabic/Oriental Title Colleges during 2012-2013 schedule of admission procedure intimated
G.O(Rt) No. 1065/2012/H.edn dated 05/06/2012 Collegiate Education Promotions, Transfer and Postings of Accounts Officers -Orders
Draft for Consultation- Self Financing Colleges
G.O(Rt) No. 539/2012 H.edn dtd 15/03/2012 Enhancement of Non-Tax Revenue in Higher Education Department- Revision of Fees for Graduate and Post Graduate Courses Rent and Other Charges
G.O(MS) No. 178/85/H.Edn dated 01/08/1985 Private Colleges Teachers elected as presidents of Service Co-op banks Special casual leave for attending Board meetings
No. 626/12/H.edn dtd 27/03/2012 Higher Education Department Non Teaching staff leave application modified Order
No.C5-15783/12/Coll.Edn dated 04/05/2012 establishment data for non teaching staff
Establishment Data for non Teaching Staff
No.C6/57276/2011/Coll.Edn  dtd 18/04/2012 Hand Book Preparation
No. B3/54259/2011/Coll.Edn Dtd 14/03/2012 sanskrit Special Selection Grade Lecturers Seniority List

Higher Education Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment/Honorarium of Guest Teachers- Modified – Orders Issued

No. B4-3411/2012/Coll. Edn dated 31/01/2012 - Temporarily Seniority list
G.o(P) No.28/2012/H.Edn dated 25/01/2012- Honorarium of Guest Teachers
Attention Govt. College Principals- Authorised Agencies for Infrastructural Works
No.170/D2/2012/H.Edn Dated 18/01/2012 Concurrence for filling up of vacancies
G.O(rt) No. 130/12/H.Edn dated 18/01/2012 Promotions, Transfer and Postings of Administrative Assistants & Accounts Officers
Collegiate Education Department-Appointment of State Liaison Officer-State NSS Cell-Application called for - reg
No.30934/A1/11/H.edn dated 09/01/2012- National Service Scheme(NSS) Appointment of new State Liaison Officer Inviting Application Reg:
Circular -Environmental Awareness Programme Under the Directorate of Environmental Climate Change
No. 43895/K3/2011 H.Edn dated 07-12-2011-ICT launching of AAKASH cost computing cum access device by MHRD- Requirement of State-reg
No. 42395/B4/2011/H.Edn dated 20.12.2011 Admission of B.Ed Course 2011-12-Vacant seats after completion of centralised allotment process
2012 Non Teaching Staff General Transfer - Circular
Circular No. P1-46027/2011/Coll.Edn dated 22.11.2011 _Meeting of the Govt. College Principals
EDUSAT-Constitution of State Level Steering Committee and nomination of State Nodal Officer for the optimal utilisation of EDUSAT capabilities-orders issued
Redeployment of Teachers / Lecturers from Colleges to Government VHSE
EDUSAT Constitution of a Task Force for effective utilisation of EDUSAT orders issued.