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No. Audit V1/100001/2016/Coll.Edn.dtd 02/03/2016 Audit Programme on March 2016

No. Audit V1/100001/2016/Coll.Edn. dtd 16/02/2016 Audit Programme on March 2016

No.Audit V1/100001/2015/Coll.Edn dtd 04/05/2015 Audit Programme on May 2015

Salary of the Guest lectures/Substitute Lectures Clarification

No. Audit V1/100001/2014/Coll.Edn dtd 04/10/2014 Department Level Audit Programme

ondition while disbursing salary to guest lecturers appointing on deputation vacancies

No.40208/f3/13/H.edn dtd 22.04.2014  University college-Internal Audit

Purchase of computers by Govt. Department -reg


No. 45119/IAc-A32013/ dated 04/09/2013 salary Fixation Report

G.o(MS) No. 69/2003/H.Edn dated 18/06/2003 Mobilisation of Non tax Revenue-Enhancement of Non-Tax Revenue in the Higher Education Department-Clarification Issued

G.O(Ms) No. 66/2003/H.Edn Dated 15/01/2002 Mobilisation of Non tax Revenue-Enhancement of Non-Tax Revenue in the Higher Education Department Orders .

G.O(Rt) No. 539/2012 H.edn dtd 15/03/2012 Enhancement of Non-Tax Revenue in Higher Education Department- Revision of Fees for Graduate and Post Graduate Courses Rent and Other Charges

G.O(MS)No. 123/2003/H.Edn Dated 18/08/2003- Higher Education department- Discussion with Students Organizations-Rate of Tuition fees in Arts and Science Colleges-Reduced- Orders

G.O(P)No.20/90/P& ARD Public Services-Kerala Ministerial Service Persons Apponted Typist-Clerk and Clerks-Typist-Conversation of category

G.O(Rt) No. 2483/2012/H.Edn Dated 20.11.2012 Higher Education - Participation of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff in Govt and Private Aided Colleges in Training Programmes Organized by Kerala State Higher Education Council- Treating of the Period as duty -Orders Issued

G.O(RT) No. 1585/08/H.Edn Dated 25/10/2006 Higher Education Department- private Colleges-Utilization of Accumulated amount i PD Account-Judgement in WP(C) No. 20124/05 & Connected cases by the Hon'ble High Court Order

No, 14742/F1/11/H.edn dated 14.11.2012 Salary Fixation Clarification for Attenders

N0. 103/D1/2009/H.Edn Dated 19/03/2012 the usage of Special fees in  Accumulated PD Fund

No. 36106/A3/03/H.Edn Dtd 05/03/2004 Grade promotion in Librarian

G.O(MS)No. 399/2012/(102)/Fin Dtd 13/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Common Pool Librarians-Modification of Scale of Pay Orders

G.o(P) No.602/2012/H.Edn  dated 28/11/2012 - Guidelines for the Scheme of Appointment / Honorarium of Guest Teachers Further Modified

. No.Audit-V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 22/11/2012 Audit Adalath

No. Audit-U1/106600/2012/Coll.Edn Dated 08/01/2013 Department Audit

No. Audit V1/105821/2012/Coll.Edn/ dtd 15/01/2013 Audit Adalath

Stock Register

G.O(Ms) No. 120/2013(138)/Fin Dtd 04/03/2013 Pay Revision-2009-Re designation of the post of Lower Division Clerk and Upper Division Clerk -Sanctioned